October 21, 2017

Certificate in Volunteer Management

Continued from May 16-17, 2017

Days 3 & 4

Houston Maritime Ministry Training Program

Board and volunteer engagement

Trends for Organizational Sustainability

Wendy Biro-Pollard will help auxiliary and volunteer leaders explore trends and options to enhance organizational sustainability in a retreat-like setting.  You will have the opportunity to interact and learn from your peers and explore:

  • Steps to creating a strong membership association
  • The board building cycle
  • Marketing outreach
  • Member recruitment
  • Creating a vision for the future
  • Restructuring options and ideas.

Certificate in Volunteer Management

Program Overview:
Volunteers provide a unique human resource that can enhance an organization’s ability to achieve its mission, priorities, and goals. A well-trained volunteer manager is key to the success of a volunteer program.
Long and Short Associates with ACC’s Center for Nonprofit Studies offers a certificate-driven series of workshops that provide volunteer management basics and beyond. This series is guaranteed to assist area nonprofits, associations and governmental agencies in building a successful volunteer engagement program and enhancing organizational capacity.
All sessions have been recognized by the Council for Certification in Volunteer Administration and will cover the Council’s Core Competencies for Managers of Volunteer Resources.
The Certificate in Volunteer Management is four full days of learning from and with nationally recognized volunteer management experts. This is not a CVA (Certified in Volunteer Administration) credentialing course.
Upon completion, participants will earn 2.8 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) from Austin Community College. These may be eligible for use in meeting professional certification requirements.

Strategically Engaging Skills-Based Volunteers

As the need for nonprofit services increase and financial resources remain tight, many organizations are actively engaging passionate, highly skilled volunteers to provide everything from technical support and marketing to fundraising and strategic planning services–pro bono.

Even if your board members are successful in recruiting pro bono resources, this thought-provoking session will provide you with tips and tools for building an integrated approach to citizen engagement that will support your organization’s mission and strategic goals.

Participants will:
• Review skills-based volunteer trends and potential
• Identify mission specific skills-based volunteer projects
• Discover the difference between traditional volunteer engagement and skills-based volunteer engagement
• Identify the five principles that make skills-based volunteering work
• Create project management plans
• Examine case studies that incorporate skills-based program development and project management concepts