April 25, 2018

Houston Arts Council Workshop

Designing and Managing Successful Committees

When nonprofit law was created in the 1950’s, the board and committee model was based on utilizing volunteers who had abundant time.  It worked.  There were only 30,000 nonprofits.  Today there are more than 1.5 million nonprofit organizations in the United States.  And, these nonprofits need 25.5 million people to fill their board and committee seats.

Since then times have changed, and today’s economic climate has made it more challenging for leaders to lead.  Volunteer time and financial resources have diminished even as the need for competent leaders has grown.   Making your organization attractive and efficient is critical to recruiting and retaining leaders and supporting your organization’s mission.

This session will explore

Ten principals of effective committee management
How to cultivate and support new leaders.

Certificate in Volunteer Management

Program Overview:

Volunteers provide a unique human resource that can enhance an organization’s ability to achieve its mission, priorities, and goals. A well-trained volunteer manager is key to the success of a volunteer program.

Long and Short Associates with ACC’s Center for Nonprofit Studies offers a certificate-driven series of workshops that provide volunteer management basics and beyond. This series is guaranteed to assist area nonprofits, associations and governmental agencies in building a successful volunteer engagement program and enhancing organizational capacity.

All sessions have been recognized by the Council for Certification in Volunteer Administration  and will cover the Council’s Core Competencies for Managers of Volunteer Resources.

The Certificate in Volunteer Management is four full days of learning from and with nationally recognized volunteer management experts. This is not a CVA (Certified in Volunteer Administration) credentialing course.

2015 DOVIA Volunteer Management Conference

Creating Volunteer Loyalty

Loyal volunteers who actively support an organization’s mission and strategies are both an indicator of and key to a well-managed volunteer program.  Volunteer managers succeed when well-trained volunteers complete strategic projects and effectively serve the organization’s clients and the community.

Keeping volunteers engaged is tricky and complex and subject to the needs of the volunteer and clients, staff and the organization.  Retaining volunteers is a lot more than making them feel good about their assignment and themselves.

In this fast-paced session, we’ll look at

– What causes volunteers to disconnect before they should
– Ways to enhance volunteer communication and self-esteem
– How we should measure our success.

Foresters Leadership Development Conference

Making Every Minute Count

Volunteer Management Trends

New York State Association of Volunteer Service Administrators

Catch the Next Wave

Skills-Based and Pro Bono Volunteer Engagement:  The next generation of volunteers is arriving and they want to utilize their skills and talents to support your cause.  Learn how to attract more volunteers and strengthen relationships with local companies while supporting your organization’s mission and strategic goals.