April 25, 2018

Preparing Staff to Supervise and Support Volunteers

Preparing and training staff to supervise and support volunteers is a key step in the volunteer management process and one that is often overlooked. In this fast-paced, interactive session, participants will learn strategies that will help create strong volunteer and staff partnerships and improve patient satisfaction.

Participants will:

• Identify ways that volunteers can support your department and healthcare organization’s strategic goals • Explore volunteer supervisor best practices • Learn what volunteers want and need from their supervisors • Discover methods for recognizing and rewarding the staff-volunteer partnership

Utilizing Volunteer Skills to Build Organizational Capacity

In order to reach and serve their clients, smart nonprofits utilize every available resource. They strive to fully engage their boards, seek new ways to connect with the community, cultivate new donors and provide customer-focused client services. These nonprofits also effectively utilize volunteer skills and talents to meet their organization’s challenges and leverage its opportunities.

In this half-day session, participants will explore ways to
• Develop mission-focused volunteer positions
• Diversify and expand volunteer opportunities
• Create a recruitment message

Building Capacity, Engaging Volunteers

Trends affecting volunteer utilization.

Houston Maritime Ministry Training Program

Building Capacity with Volunteers

Colorado Association of Healthcare Auxilians/Volunteers

Keynote:  Shaping Your Organization’s Future

Designing and Creating Successful Board’s and Committees