July 25, 2024

Non-Profit Training and Consulting Solutions

Here are just a few of Wendy’s workshop offerings. If you don’t see the topic that you need, she’ll build one from scratch!  Detailed course descriptions and participant outcomes are available upon request.  See Long and Short Associates for additional information.

Volunteer Management Series

  • Volunteer Management Survey Courses
  • Marketing–how to get volunteers and keep them
  • Internal marketing–positioning your program for success
  • Staff and volunteer partnerships–the sum is greater than the parts
  • The three “R’s”–recruitment, retention, recognition
  • New millennium trends and their impact on your volunteer program
  • To Lead Is To Serve – how to attract volunteers and keep them
  • Building nonprofit capacity with next generation volunteers
  • Are you ready for the boomers!
  • Creating strong associations–finding new members and dedicated leaders
  • Why your volunteers stop serving
  • Too many volunteers?  How to build your team and strengthen organizational capacity
  • Soliciting volunteer input and feedback
  • Building volunteer loyalty
  • Engaging skills-based and pro bono volunteers

Board Development

  • Governance board basic roles and responsibilities
  • Sharing leadership–the board/staff partnership
  • The board’s role in fundraising
  • Structuring the high performance board
  • The board building cycle
  • Board self-assessment process
  • Powered by pro bono
  • Boards members are volunteers, too
  • Designing and managing successful committees
  • It’s time to move beyond the nominating committee process
  • Strengthening your board–recruiting the right members


  • Managing change or it manages you
  • Making meetings matter
  • The road to balance–managing multiple priorities
  • Strategic planning overview
  • Customer service–improving your team’s performance
  • Stress management
  • Job burnout
  • Managing conflict
  • Dealing with difficult phone customers
  • Health and wellness
  • Workplace communication
  • Time management
  • Managing anger
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