June 23, 2024


I learned so much through my volunteer management certification classes with Wendy.  Her expertise on volunteerism is unmatched and she has wonderful ideas on how to engage and retain volunteers. Wendy’s classes were instrumental in my establishing Hands on Amarillo!

Lizzie Mason – Founder, Hands on Amarillo

I am the Director of the Patient Experience for Hill Country Memorial Hospital in the big town of Fredericksburg Texas.. Just over 18 months ago, leadership wanted to form our multiple volunteer groups within our hospital under one organization. We brought on Wendy to help us “re-engineer” this feat, not knowing all the ups and downs to make this happen. Wendy helped us in the very beginning determine a philosophy statement, SWOT analysis, volunteer audits, etc. in order to lay the foundation of our new Advisory Council. I’m not sure we would have survived if we immediately moved over to this new council without her knowledge and experience in setting up this journey.  Wendy’s compassion and embracing of our team really helped us understand that we couldn’t do this alone. Thank you Wendy for your guidance and support.

Mark D. Peterson,  Hill Country Memorial Hospital, 2014 Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award Winner

Wendy is one of my favorite consultants in Texas, her expertise on boards and volunteer management is unrivaled.

2019, Participant, Practices of High Performing Boards, ACC Center for Nonprofit Studies, Austin, TX

The session on “Finding Your Balance” was outstanding…one of the best due to solid material and Wendy’s ability to allow the AVR group to interact, share and talk.

Participant, 2012 CoV Volunteer Leadership Retreat, Springfield, IL

Wendy, I wanted to let you know that your workshops were extremely well received–although this was not a surprise. There was a definite buzz coming out of the room as you finished your workshops. Thanks so much for making the trip to Hamilton, Ontario. We appreciate your joining us.

Emanuela Gennaccaro Ducharme, Chair, 2008 CAVR/PAVRO Conference

Rave reviews!!! This town is still talking about your fantastic training on boomer volunteers. We are thrilled with where this training can take our community. Thank you for a wonderful workshop. You are such a talented trainer.

Vicki Harvey, Nonprofit Development Center, Tyler, TX

When we first spoke about a retreat for TAHV officers and chair-elect, I had not begun to anticipate the profound impact such an event could have upon the leadership direction of our organization. Because of the retreat you helped plan and facilitate, TAHV has a ‘leadership team’ with common, pertinent goals, unique commitment and specific direction for the first time in it history. I commend and thank you. Every minute of the day and a half contained value.

Gigi Dubois, Past President, TAHV

I want you to know that many people found you to be their favorite speaker at Convention. One person went on to say that you were worth the entire price of the conference.

Diane Herby, CA Association of Hospitals and Health Systems

I’m so grateful for all the truly USEFUL information you offered us at the Strategic Board Recruitment seminar. You are an inspirational trainer, Wendy.  And, your handouts are superlative.  Thanks for a truly fabulous session.

Nancy Walker, ED, Funeral Consumers Alliance of Central Texas

Without a doubt, the program that you assembled for the AHVRP Annual Meeting and Leadership Training Conference was the best of any of the national volunteerism conferences this year. You brought a vision to the conference–a thoughtful continuity among the sessions that gave participants cutting-edge issues to consider. Thank you for your consistent efforts at connecting AHVRP with the broader volunteer world.

Susan Ellis, President, ENERGIZE

Fantastic ideas–creative and innovative. You have lit the candle of excitement!

Participant, 2007 PAVR-O Conference, Toronto

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