September 25, 2023

Sharing Leadership: The Board/Staff Partnership

Certain challenges are inherent as board and staff work together to build strong and productive relationships. Boards work best when they focus on setting policy and strategy, not on administration.
This workshop provides guidance on how to distinguish between shaping policy and hands-on management. It will help executive directors and board members clarify the board’s role and strengthen its capacity to govern.

Learning Objectives:
• Understand the roles of the board and the staff, and the factors that influence the relationships between the executive and the board
• Gain insights about how to cultivate an effective board/staff partnership to advance your organization’s mission
• Discuss, clarify and support realistic expectations for your board and staff to creative a more cohesive and effective working partnership
• Have a strong foundation for positive organizational culture by cultivating greater capacity for open and honest communication between the executive and the board of directors

Eight Reasons All Non-Profits Need a Website

Non Profit Consulting and Training - Wendy Biro-Pollard

A nonprofit organization can take advantage of the Internet for at least eight purposes:

  • publicity
  • public education
  • fundraising
  • volunteer recruitment
  • service delivery
  • advocacy
  • research
  • communication

Let us look at brief examples of each of these uses in turn.


Good sites gain attention. Attention or awareness is exactly what all non-profits need… it accelerates fund-raising efforts, and enhances all the following essential needs:

Public Education

There’s a fine line between grabbing the public’s attention and educating the public about an important social problem or cause.Whatever the mission statement of your non-profit organization is, it needs to be presented with clarity to the various “publics” that all non-profits must influence if they are to be successful. All organizations have several different “publics” which they must influence in a positive way in order to achieve their organizational goals. [Read more…]

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