February 28, 2024

Strategic Board Recruitment

One of the most important responsibilities of a board is to ensure that it continuously adds qualified new members and keeps them engaged. Board building should not just happen when it is time to fill a vacancy. It should be an ongoing process with year-round activities.

This workshop guides participants through a process that focuses on the different steps needed to build an effective board. Understanding these steps can help boards avoid the common ups and downs of building and maintaining a diverse, inclusive and enthusiastic board.

Learning Objectives:

  • Articulate the need for a governance committee in supporting and strengthening overall board performance and recruitment
  • Cultivate an appreciation for the role that diversity and inclusion play in strategic board recruitment
  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of the critical steps in the process of finding, recruiting, and engaging board members
  • Understand how to engage potential new board members in a way that sets them up for successful board service and that meets both the organization’s and the board member’s needs and expectations.
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