December 6, 2023

Southeastern Healthcare Volunteer Leaders Conference

Board Building Strategies: Finding and Keeping Strong Leaders

One of the most important responsibilities of a board is to ensure that it continuously adds qualified new members and keeps them engaged. Board building should not just happen when it is time to fill a vacancy–it should be an ongoing process with year-round activities.

This workshop will provide participants with tips and tools on how to identify, cultivate, recruit and orient new members; encourage active participation and commitment; educate the board; rotate board members; and engage in self-assessment.

This interactive session focuses on the key steps required to build an effective board.

Strategically Engaging Skills-Based & Pro Bono Volunteers

Success is more than being good at what you do. It requires that you embrace change, step out of your comfort zone and creatively meet your organization’s mission and strategic goals.

As the need for client services increase and financial resources remain tight, US nonprofits are increasingly engaging highly skilled volunteers.

Professional speaker and volunteer management expert, Wendy Biro-Pollard, CVA, will show you how to build an integrated approach to citizen engagement that will help you increase your Volunteer Department’s capacity and resources while attracting more volunteers.

Participants will
• Learn about volunteer management trends and how they impact recruitment and placement
• Discover techniques and resources for utilizing skills-based and pro bono volunteers
• Use a simple needs assessment to identify how you can grow you volunteer program infrastructure
• Create an action plan.

2016 DOVIA Volunteer Management Conference

Making the Case for Group Volunteering
What’s old is new again! And, because of increasing demands on people’s time, there is a growing interest in group volunteering. People want to do good and have fun while sharing time with their friends, loved ones and co-workers. In this session, participants will learn about the benefits and challenges of engaging volunteer groups, building an infrastructure that will guarantee the best return-on-investment, new ideas fo engage groups on an off-site, and tools to help you support one-time, occassional and ongoing group efforts.

Skills Based Volunteers
Wendy Biro-Pollard is a Certified Volunteer Administrator (CVA), speaker, facilitator and consultant. Wendy will be leading a workshop on Utilizing Skills-Based and Pro Bono Volunteers. During this session, Volunteer Managers will learn how to tap this readily available and dynamic capacity building resource. Attendees will leave with a better idea of how to conduct a pro bono needs assessment, find volunteers who are a great fit and execute a skills-based project plan.

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