February 28, 2024

Nonprofit Volunteer Program Management

During this fast-paced workshop, volunteer engagement expert Wendy Biro-Pollard will provide tips, tools and resources to help you successfully engage volunteers in supporting your organization’s mission and building its capacity.

During this workshop participants will

1. Examine 14 critical steps in the volunteer program readiness process

2. Assess their need for volunteers

3. Review trends that are shaping volunteer programs and affecting the recruitment and retention process

4. Learn ways to effectively recruit volunteers

5. Determine how to engage groups in supporting customer and client services.

6. Explore steps to minimize risk and liability

7. Build strong staff and volunteer partnerships

Volunteer Management Workshop for Stewardship

Want to recruit your neighbors and friends to work on a Stewardship Project? Want to learn more about how to recruit and sustain volunteer interest in your Stewardship Project? This upcoming workshop will do just that!

This workshop is organized into two sessions to help you learn best practices for volunteer managment and then apply those skills to your own project in a hands-on workshop. In the first session, we’ll learn from Wendy Biro-Pollard, a nationally known expert on volunteers and trends in volunteerism. Wendy will present the historical changes in volunteerism, and discuss how recent trends in volunteer engagement are relevant for planning your projects. She will offer strategies for volunteer retention and minimizing attrition.

The second session will be a workshop facilitated by Jo Gammans, TreeFolks Volunteer & Communications Coordinator. Concepts and strategies presented earlier will be applied to your individual projects in a supportive and constructive environment, and Jo will help you figure out the nuts and bolts of integrating volunteers into your project.

See more of Wendy’s expertise here: https://wendybiro-pollard.com/

Learn more about Urban Forest Stewards at https://www.treefolks.org/ufs/

Volunteer Power Unleashed Summit

Keynote:  What Every Volunteer Recruiter Needs to Know

Participants will:

• Explore the latest volunteer management trends and their impact on recruitment
• Learn how to create mission-focused volunteer opportunities
• Discover the hidden questions that all recruiters need to know

Volunteer Recruitment and Mobilization

Houston Maritime Ministry Training Program

Board and volunteer engagement

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