February 28, 2024

Texas CASA: Visionary Leadership

To achieve success, CASA Boards must be passionately committed to the mission, possess substantial leadership skills and expertise and be organized for strategic leadership. Nothing less will do at a time when boards are facing the challenges of building long-term financial sustainability, weighing strategic restructuring options and planning for leadership succession.

The unrelenting pace of change challenges nonprofit boards to look and act differently.
Some boards have already made the transition. They possess many qualities and characteristics that together define a new profile of board effectiveness.

In this fast-paced session, participants will learn six new board profile characteristics and explore solutions to barriers their board’s face in creating visionary leadership including
• A lack of time
• Risk taking, risk avoidance
• Lack of board involvement in strategic thinking, planning and decision making
• Lack of knowledge in an increasingly complex world
• Micromanagement
• Holding on to old ways
• Failing to find the right members

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